Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tweetys New Ringneck parrot friend

My new ringneck parrot was very calm and very play full. It will sit in one place only during its sleeping time.
It will walk to and fro over the wooden rod. Since it’s a wild ringneck parrot. It took only grains. It did not have any other fruits or vegetables.
It restricted its diet only with grains for one month.
Then it slowly started having fruits also. It likes guava fruit very much. If we keep any fruit. It will fly down and take the fruit to its place and slowly have it. It likes to chew the guava seeds very much. Tweety was afraid of going near the new ringneck parrot.
When it first saw the adult ringneck parrot, It went near and slowly bitted the tail feather tip and ran away from the parrot : ). I had a very less hope that both of them will become friends.. I saw lots of changes in tweetys characteristics, after the new ringneck parrot arrival. That gave me a great relief...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New cage for my ringneck parrots

I bought the male ringneck parrot and to him home with a small temporary cage.
I did not have any cage at home when I bought him. So I planned to buy a cage specially for the wild parrot. I kept the new comer in the tweetys room with the small cage with fruits and a water bowl, for some time. Ringneck had some little amount of water and it poured out all the water from the water bowl. Tweety jumped from his chair, and started going around the cage : )
She was staring at the new ringneck parrots feather and slowly it went near the cage and bitted its tail feather. The new ringneck was fearing very much and started screaming and attacking tweety. Then tweety started climbing over the cage and going around the cage. I took tweety in my hand and went out of that room and kept her in other room, for some time. Next task is to buying a big cage for the new comer. I searched few shops for a decent sized cage. I found a shop finally with a big cages.. I bought one cage with 5 feet height and 3 feet width. I could not fit it inside my cars boot. So I had to hire a small van
to bring the cage to my home. i left the new ringneck parrot inside the new cage, it was able to fly inside the cage properly…
Tweety started climbing around the new cage for some time. And it stared sleeping over the cage…

Friday, April 8, 2011

Parrot sales in rural market

Some times I used to go and buy fishes from whole sale market, which is located outside the city.
I came across a person who was selling ringneck parrots in platform. It was a very difficult to see those birds. He was having a flat closed jute wired round close container with a small hole on the center of the container. I saw, almost 15 to 20 ringneck parrots in that container : (.
The worst thing added to it is. while selling the birds he plucks few of the main flight feathers of the birds and had over the birds to the people who are buying :’(.
Every Sunday morning he will come for 30 min and sell all the birds and go.
I went closer to the ringneck parrots. All the parrots are male parrots. They are all wild birds caught as a lot : (. All are grown up adult parrots. Most of them had the blue ring below the orange neck ring. I saw for the first time ringneck parrots with blue ring below the orange ring.

For me these bird catchers are heartless persons. They never know the value of the birds.
Parrots are kind of birds that not only love thire family, it also show lots of love on other living beings. It shares the love with others more superior and stronger than humans.

My friend went and bought two ringneck immediately. He is having a pair of cock tail parrot with him. I was confused a lot, whether to buy any parrot or not. Since all are bigger one, I can’t even leave with my tweety. Even I don’t have cage at home … so I was breaking my head.
Finally I came to a conclusion to buy one ringneck parrot. if my younger ringneck is not able to go along with the new fellow. I thought of letting it go… I bought one midsized parrot without harming it. I decided to buy a big cage for the new ringneck. I planned to keep it in cage till my young ringneck was ready for flight and leave both of them together to outside world..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Friends of my ringneck parrot

I have some small wooden birds at home. With those some times, I use them, to dodge tweety : )
Some times tweety when gets over my hand it will not get down easily.
Some times it will get down very soon, some times it will not get down Immediately.
So for making her go back to her place, I will place few wooden birds at her place near her food: )
Tweety does not like any birds to go near her chair and her place. I saw her full form anger when I brought my friends parrot home…
So if I keep any wooden birds. It will walk down my hand and try to attack the wooden bird. Tweety slowly started realizing about the wooden bird , And stopped responding to it….
I thought of buying a pair, for Tweety from the bird shop. I was not able to get young ringneck parrot in shops : (
Tweety never felt uncomfortable being alone at home. It always like to go out for bird watch. So when ever I take tweety to the terrace it will be very happy. So I thought of getting some good, friends for tweety. I first thought about cocktails but they are bigger in size than my young ringneck parrot. So I thought about cute little budgies,which will be the best choice for my tweety. Tweety had good quality of making friends easily.
Except crows all the birds which comes near home are my tweetys friends. It has even, squirrel friends : ).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ringneck parrot thought process

Ringneck parrots are clever parrots. They have good thinking process.
My tweety always like to go out to the terrace, Whether it’s a day or night, it likes to stay out for some time. If its night time it likes to go to terrace only if the light is switched on.
Some times when the climate is cold I will rather switch off the light to avoid going out. I could not dodge tweety for a long time by avoiding switching on the light.
Usually tweety will stand on my hand and bend its head towards the direction it want to go : ) we should take her as per her move. If we don’t take her, she will start making loud calls.
So I always take her where ever she likes to go.
One day I was surprised to see, tweetys behavior. As usual I took her from my room to the hall without taking her to terrace. It suddenly turned her face and bend towards the switch : ). That to exactly on the terrace light switch. I could not believe my eyes ..
It exactly touched her beak on the terrace lighting switch. I took her off from the switch and I switched on the switch by myself. Once I on the switch, immediately it turned towards the terrace : ) and started bending towards the terrace with slow whispering
sound : ) . i took her out to terrace finally..
Tweety, my youngest ringneck parrot learnt how to switch on the light : )
From that day, if it likes to go out at night it will try to touch its beak on the light switch to put the light on…

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ringneck parrots territory bond

Ringneck parrots gives more importants to their territory.
My Tweety is also very serious about her room. She will not allow any other parrots inside my room : ). Once my friend went to a seven days vacation, he wanted me to take care both of his adult ringneck parrots, till he is back from vacation.
He bought two of them in two cages. One of the cage is blue and another is pink.
I kept both of the cages at my room, near tweetys cair..
Tweety started behaving restless. She slowly jumped down from chair and climbed one of the cage. She came round the cage and started going near, one of the parrots place.
It started biting the bigger female. The bigger ringneck, first avoided the tweetys
Biting and it went away from tweetys presence. After few min the bigger one also become angry and started fighting with tweety. I was confused to see the behavior of tweety .. Thank god the cage was in between both of them it protected from the attacks.
It was arround 11.30 pm at night : ) both the ringnecks screamed and fought ferociously.
I was surprised to see the amount of anger from the young ringneck parrot…
When I tried to separate tweety from that spot it even tried to attack me : (
I never seen tweety screaming like that before. I took a news paper and put over the cage to cover their eye contacts. It worked well, tweety stopped screaming and it was bit ok after some time. But it tried to remove the paper from the cage. I took tweety away from the cage and put her at her place, and removed the paper from the cage. Again tweety started screaming a lot. The bigger ringneck stopped screaming.
I tried shifting the both the new comers to the near by room. Tweety was back to normal immediately once the parrots are taken away .
Omg I saw the intensity of the anger of ringnecks at that day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ringneck parrot thinking

Young ring neck parrots will closely watch every movement we do.
It has a great talent of learning things very quickly. My tweety is also, a smart fellow.
On week days, I will start to office at 8 am and will be back home at 8.30 pm daily. So I have to pick tweety and keep it with me, at least for few mins at morning and night without fail. If I did not pick her, she will start making loud sounds.
She will continue making sound till I pick her. She will not leave me even if I m brushing : ) she will sit peacefully on my shoulder and keep looking around. If I come near the mirror it will play with the mirror. It will try biting the glass and its frame.
The best thing is, it will play along its mirror image. It will try moving in all the directions and see its images movement also : ) it will use its claws to clean its feathers. It will stop the movement of its leg and see suddenly what its image Is doing : )
It will stop the leg in half action flow and continue the action again seeing the mirror : )
It always like to play with it. I rarely take her near the mirror. If I take her accidently, it will always play with the mirror for longer minutes. At terrace it likes to see the birds flying around. It will always get exited if any ringneck parrots fly around.
It always closely watches the flying aircrafts by bringing her head down to 90 degree.
The best thing is it will always fear for eagles, though eagles are flying on the highest feats, tweety will get alert and hide nearer to my hand.
I always wonder how tweety knows about eagles, since tweety came home at her young age, I have a great doubt how it differentiate the birds characteristics.
It always has fear on eagles and crows, it never feared on pigeons or other non hunting birds.